Device is not showing data while gatway is working

Hey everyone this is my first post on this forum so please excuse me in advance if I have somehow violated the forum rules or have inappropriately labelled anything.

I have an issue regarding my device data , I am getting no data under my devices in the ttn application console , yet the gateway console shows data. Could someone kindly assist me, thank you.

I am using a 32u4 adafruit lora module (ABP) , and the library I’m using is TinyLora , my gateway is In southeast asia so I am using the AS 920-923 frequency band. Now I gotta stress that this device has worked fine in the last month , so the session key the app key and device address have proven to be correct. for some reason though it has stopped working in the last few days and I really don’t know why.

Would very much appreciate your help and guidance , thank you all.

Did you see ABP node stopped working -> Fixed by creating new ABP.. Why? :)