Disappear messages in the app

I have Rak811, send messages every 15minutes, sometimes messages come into the gateway but in application miss. i’m working with node-red and this is a problem for the monitor


did you see previous posts Lora Packet Loss or Dataloss in the backend? Seems to be a similar issue. Can you see from the logs if messages are forwared correctly?

best regards, Eckehard

Yes, iread first link, thank. But why, when i send every 1 minutes i get stable flow messeges and i send every 15 minutes i get Disappear messages

Which GW are you using - your own or someone elses? Is it a TTIG by any chance? If so there is a known issue with TTIG whereby as it uses a Websockets interface (resource hog in volume) which ‘disconnects’ after a period of no traffic to save back end. When new packet received interface is re-initaialised but at risk packet(s) may get missed IIRC. Having several nodes hitting a GW helps keep it ‘live’ without risk to individual node duty cycle breaches. Best avoid turning up the rep-rate for a single node if trying to test as that potentially breaks both TTN FUP & depending on where you are in the world the legal D-C limits…

Did you check for longer time? We are still not sure where messages are lost (Gateway, Backend), but it is clear that looss rates are changing over the day. This are hourly packet losses over the last 7 days from a node, that sends one message per minute:


The gateway ist a kerlink iFemtocell, but we have similar issues on an ttn gateway (though total losses are lower). It is not yet clear what causes the losses, possibly an overload on the backend.

I use RAK831 + Raspberry 3b+ and rak811+arduiono nano. I send SF7 and in Traffic i see messege but in Application the message is missing. It mean that problem in TTN server.

i tried sending sf7 two messages every 15 mins, ie first message then delay six seconds, then send second message then sleep for 15 m. At a result message stay more stability