DLMS over TTN/Integration

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Hi Forumites…don’t suppose anyone here has experience of looking at use of DLMS on TTN? I did a quick search of TTN forum over Easter period and no thread searches for DLMS or IEC 62056 showed up, same this week. Anyone experienced with DLMS over LoRa? I see a couple of poss pilot opps in smart metering apps in Eu & developing countries where TTN or TTI might be option…

Have seen (elsewhere) ref to DLMS conversions to other protocols (e.g. ModBus) via ‘gateways’ that I guess might then lend themselves to messaging over LoRa but that sounds inefficient.

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I have experience with DLMS but I don’t keep track of applications.

You can certainly send it over LoRaWAN but you will be limited to small unconfirmed messages sent upstream only. By small I mean perhaps a single accumulated register, plus maybe some status information.

I expect the reason to use DLMS would be because you are plugging into an existing system and/or want to use the same end-to-end security you would have if connecting to the meter by some other means.

DLMS encoding is reasonably compact but LoRaWAN is severely constrained at the lowest data rates. DLMS messages would look quite large compared to what most people plan on sending.

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Thanks @cjhdev was afraid that might be the case. May have to look at constraiing to SF<=10 to keep data rate up…also the new Semtech Si supporting SF<7 for higher density networks might help in built up urban areas for metering…

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Yes, That was me too last year or two (GIYF) :wink: , clients have LoRa/Mod-Bus & LoRa/WMBus solutions and ideas but its the direct messaging of DLMS interfacing with LoRa/LoRaWAN that’s now a challenge. There is a working group/team looking at this so I will likely have to wait 'til they spit something out…


at 50:18.

Some guys here in Russia have been trying to tunnel DLMS over LoRaWAN.

AFAIK it doesn’t work yet, even though there are two channels with no duty cycle restrictions here in Russia.

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Good to know thanks


“ANDREA Informatique : ANDREA demonstrates the pertinence of the LoRa technology in the Smart Metering sector. In this example, Pegasus, the ANDREA’s DLMS certified meter, is a LoRa device and it is connected to the Actility LoRaWAN Network by means of the MultiTech Conduit AP gateway. ANDREA’s SmartHawk (The DLMS Meter Configuration Tool) is used as the meter reading application. SmartHawk will send requests to, and receive responses from, the Pegasus LoRa Meter. In the demo it is possible to read/write, among others, the Clock, Energy registers, Load Profile, etc.”


Those guys (Lartech) say that there’s “DLMS over LoRaWAN” working group somewhere in the deep dungeons of LoRa Alliance. EDF, Sagemcom… Lartech :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone!
We’ve got a complete solution for DLMS thru LoRaWAN.
Send us a request and we’ll provide a datasheet for ORION METER LoRaWAN DLMS


can you explain how to connect with TTN ?

Collects data on consumption of hot and cold water, gas, electricity with further transfer through OrionM2M network to the service provider

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Good to know - has it been validated and agreed through the DLMS Sub-working group within the LoRa Alliance? Are you engaged through that team also?