Dragino LG01, connected but no gateway data

I have a Dragino LG01-P gateway, firmware IoT-4.3.6. Installed Single_pkt_fwd_v004.ino.hex on the MCU. Using a Lostik and Microchip Lora Dev util for a node on windows.

I see the gateway connected to TTN. I see data at the LG01 gateway. I see the frames at my layer 2 switch and at the egress of my router, so I know the packet forward is working.

Here is a data packet.
xx.xx.xx.xx.49587 > [udp sum ok] UDP, length 213

But I also keep seeing malformed RADIUS packets coming from the gateway. Are they really RADIUS frames or incorrectly identified. If so is this an authentication issue?




Also when I look for the correct server I am confused. The site says US should be us-west.thethings.network which does not work at all, but else where I found router.us.thethings.network which shows connected but no data.

So what am I doing wrong?