Dragino LG01 - Hack

I decided to hack my Dragino LG01 to make works properly on the TTN.
The problem of this version it’s has an MCU between the RF module and the Dragino motherboard.


I solder some wires and ‘disable’ the MCU, now the Dragino talks directly to the RF module.
It’s needed a new firmware, so I used the firmware from the LG02 version, and everything works.
It’s still a single channel but downlink works properly.

How to hack the LG01.


With new cheap TIG by TTN/TTI for as low as slap ~70€ there will be no more need for taking the pain of single channel gateways.


I have this gateway for about 1 year and yes single channel gateways is a pain in the…
The new TIG is a great indoor solution.

But you cant buy them…

…yet, hope this will change soon since this will put great push on TTN growth world wide

downlink works without delay in the code?

because in lg01 in the last version of pkt_fwd, the downlink works, but there is a significant input for the downlink tx, because in the code the downlink is not defined as a priority of time.
I have not yet tested the lg 02 firmware, but theoretically it is not possible to operate without the hack?

I never had a good response with the version of the pkt_fwd, the code don’t identify if the downlink is for rx1 or rx2.
The lg02 firmware code works only with the RF module connected directly to the Dragino main board, so the hack is necessary.

got it. What was the modification in the software you did?

I upload the firmware from the Dragino LG02, I’m using LG02_LG08–build-v5.1.1549961114-20190212-1646 firmware.

Awesome work, thanks a lot ! How did you measure the latency between the MCU and the RF module ?

I created a code to send a lorawan payload and after start to listen the rx2 channel for some time, ignoring the rx window. So was easy to measure the time between the tx and rx, and was a mess, the gateway sends downlink like a crazy tryng to hit the right time.

Now I removed the mcu

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