Dragino LG02 Dual channel gateway Need help

Hi, I am new to LoRa gateway, i wanted to buy the Dragino LG02 Dual channel gateway is the module is suitable to use as a LoRaWAN gateway to send end node data to cloud/local server.
i have seen negative reviews about this gateway that it can’t be used as LoRaWAN gateway.

i have 2 UART based LoRa end nodes both are communicating with each other now i want to send end node data to the local server so when i searched lowcost gateway i came across Dragino Gateway.


can anyone help me to find the lowcost gateway price (80 $- 100$ )
In the datasheet, they have mentioned developers can change/alter the code but after the changing the in codes how can we deploy the code to the board

  1. if I selected the OTAA method.
  2. ABP method.

The Dragino LG02 is not LoRaWAN compliant and can not be used as LoRaWAN gateway.

If you want you can use it as Lora gateway, however that is not the scope of this forum.

Have you checked the other solutions Dragino offers? (Pointing you to a solution is hard as pricing depends on location but the LPS8 is an option)

Thanks for the reply i will check on that

I am using Ebyte E32868T20D as the end node, can I use this end node to connect to LSP08 gateway.
if I set the same frequency channels on the end node and Gateway it is possible to communicate with gateway and end.
can anyone have an idea about this .