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Please the send Price details of this sensor.


Old message here I know but hoping maybe someone still looks at this. I’m trying to add some ERS-Sound sensors to my application but can’t get them registered. I’m not seeing any packets form them hit my gateway. Is there a way to check if these things are sending?

Does it have power and has any needed offline configuration been done?

Is it even on the same LoRa band as your gateway?

A cheap RTL-SDR dongle tuned to the right frequency can typically pickup a nearby LoRa packet, though if transmissions are infrequent it may take some effort to be on the right frequency to catch one.

In theory a diode detector really close (essentially a “crystal radio”) can pick up envelope of one but it’s hard to get the details right such that it actually works. Sometimes you can see it as a dip in the device’s power supply, too.

If you are willing to crack something open you can sniff the SPI bus to the radio chip.