End device uplink frequenices

Hi everyone!

I am trying to send uplink messages from an end device to my gateway, both being registered on TTN, however I seem to have a problem receiving confirmation messages on certain frequencies.
The confirmation works normally on 868.1, 868.3 and 868.5 MHz, but it doesn’t work on 867.1, 867.3, 867.5, 867.7 and 867.9 MHz. I have managed to solve this problem with adding custom frequencies
in the general settings of the end device, but I was wondering why this step is necessary. Shouldn’t the end device be able to communicate on all of these frequencies by default?

If running OTAA then system handshakes on the default channels to use so all nice and easy, if running ABP (I assume you are) then you need to specifically tell the LNS which ‘custom’ channels as you refer to them are being used, even where they are the TTN channel plan defaults. The 1st three are the mandatory channels for the channel plan, per LoRaWAN spec, the LNS needs to be told the rest. You may well have programmed them into the node but the LNS needs to be told. Also,

Please refrain from using confirmed uplinks (or downlinks!) as you have limited use under FUP and also GW lownlinks impact cmmunity capacity for other users…

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Thank you!