End node join fails, but join-request gets accepted by gateway

I have a RAK7200 and I’m attempting to join the network. I’ve followed the manual they provide. However, when I send the join request (at+join) it returns joined failed after five attempts. In the live data tab, I can see four events:

  • Accept join-request
  • Successfully processed join-request
  • Forward join-accept message
  • Downlink successfully transmitted


Why isn’t my end device successfully joining the network?

TTN settings:

  • Joining OTAA
  • eu1.cloud.thethings.network
  • Eurpe 863-870 MHz (SF9 for RX2)
  • LoRaWAN specification 1.0.2
  • RP001 Regional Parameters 1.0.2
  • AppEUI: AC1F09FFF8687200
  • DevEUI: AC1F09FFFE00358C

RAK7200 settings:

  • Class A
  • RECEIVE_DELAY_1: 1000ms
  • RECEIVE_DELAY_2: 2000ms
  • JOIN_ACCEPT_DELAY_1: 5000ms
  • JOIN_ACCEPT_DELAY_2: 6000ms
  • Primeval Datarate: 5
  • (From the logs): RX1 FREQUENCY: 868100000

Recommend : Change RX1 to 5s & RX2 to 6s - don’t attempt join @ SF12….L-A recommend network provider limit. How far apart are node & gw? What RSSI values are you seeing at each end?

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I’m getting -115 rssi (inside) and -10.5 snr, which is pretty weak but I think should be okay? The gateway is pretty far out, about 3.9km… But it is located 136m up on top of a tower, and I have been hitting it pretty reliably.

RX1 is set to 5s and RX2 is set to 6s indeed, or do you mean RECEIVE_DELAY?

  • RECEIVE_DELAY_1: 1000ms
  • RECEIVE_DELAY_2: 2000ms
  • JOIN_ACCEPT_DELAY_1: 5000ms
  • JOIN_ACCEPT_DELAY_2: 6000ms

Could you explain what you mean with “don’t attempt join @ SF12….L-A recommend network provider limit.”? I don’t fully understand this as this is my first time experimenting with TTN and LoRaWAN.

What do RAK say?

There are numerous discussions on the forum you can read about:

Devices are heard by a gateway, a Join Accept is shown on the console but fails to join - this means the gateway with its big, nicely setup antenna heard the weak signal but the device with the teeny tiny antenna didn’t because it’s teeny & tiny & most likely not optimal.


How almost no one starting out with LoRaWAN is successful if they don’t have access to a gateway console as a minimum to allow them to see what happens at the gateway level and almost always ends up with a gateway of their own.

Super hugely important technical note: The gateway accepts all signals that look like valid LoRa packets and passes them on. The LoRaWAN Network Server processes the request and does the accepting and instructs a gateway to transmit the accept. This is covered in the Learn section.

Really very critical legal & FUP note: Continuous retries resulting in downlinks will breach the 10 downlinks a day - you used up 5 in the screen shot - please do NOT post text as screen shots, use the </> to format them.

The most efficient way for the volunteers to answer questions is for you to have read all of the Learn section so that things like the role of gateways and joining at SF12 etc are clearer. You’ll make good progress if you know the basics.

Bit sad that the firmware is so ancient that it is only v1.0.2 and has the older Rx1/2 settings in them.

Are you calling RadioLib ancient, too? This is default spec and the 5s/6s is nicely configured through join-accept :slight_smile: yes, for both LW v1.0.2 and v1.1.

No, otherwise I’d have added 'oh, and that RadioLib too, that’s ancient as well"

The default for what? Where does it say it?

Really, I was not aware of that, crumbs, so that’s how it works. I never knew.

My point being is that devices are still be shipped with the TTN v2 defaults.

Okay, so the configuration is probably correct—I’ll try it out closer to a gateway and read more thoroughly. Thanks for the help.

As OP appears to pick up on the response nicely, I’ll hijack this just once more for completeness

Search for RECEIVE_DELAY1 in all of the Regional Parameter docs - they’re 1sec for 1.0.2, 1.0.4 and 1.1 just checked. So nothing TTNv2 or 1.0.2 default, it’s actually meant to be.

Ah, the Rx1 setting is in the spec, not that v1.0.2 is the default. Wasn’t clear which ‘this’ was being referred to.

Rx1 may be 1s by default in the spec but the reason v3 is 5s is to bring it inline with everyone else who’d already found that 1s was too short. And RAK were targeting TTN v2 when the 7200 came out which is no more so they have put setup instructions for v3 but apparently not changed the firmware in all this time.

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