Error in connecting an Arduino MKRWAN 1300 to TTN

I have created a LoRa node and gateway and have already registered my gateway to TTN. However, I can’t seem to connect my node. I use an Arduino MKRWAN 1300.

I keep getting the “Something went wrong; are you indoor? Move near a window and retry” even if I am already outside. It can be noted though that the gateway was already detecting the node since I was getting the image below for the live data of the gateway.

I have also tried changing the Regional Parameters Version to different ones but still no luck. I am from the Philippines. Does anyone know how to help?

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seems like you node gps are searching for satellites

You may want to check the spec of the MKR WAN 1300.

Sorry but what specific information should I be looking for in the specifications?

I was replying to @Piet_Pillay about the node looking for satellites.

The RSSI is way too high and may well be overloading the input of the MKR WAN so it can’t hear the join accept properly - you need 5 to 10m separation with a brick wall between the device & gateway.

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Hiya, looks like you are using the LoraSendAndREceive example - is that right?
Have you updated arduino_secrets.h with the credentials for the device you registered on TTN?
Your gateway should show a join request and accept for your device when you power it on - do you see that in the TTN console?