Error in Webhook console, Could not parse file

Good morning,

I have what looks like a 500 error “Could not parse file” on my console, in the integration/webhook (The Things Network Console).

The webhook itself is a simple POST, and it is working OK.

Capture d’écran 2021-06-21 à 11.19.04

If you search forum or check the Things Status page you will see this morning the system is undergoing maintenance and an update to TTS(CE) - I dont know if that may be the cause but poss worth trying again once upgrade completed…no serous disruption was anticipated,but!.. :wink:

Thanks, I didn’t saw the maintenance. Now everything is up, but still get the error. Will retry this afternoon.

Thanks for reporting. We’ll fix this ASAP.

Seems OK now, thanks.

hi ihope you well
i see this error in my local stack can you help me to fix this error ?

@mazyar123 , I’m on the cloud, didn’t do anything but wait for a new version.