Error : No rights for gateway

I was using a gateway along with a collaborator. Suddenly I am getting no rights for gateway error as below. Now this gateway is also not listed in my gateway list. Kindly help me to restore this gateway, ID : B827EBFFFEBA0B27

“code”: 7,
“message”: “error:pkg/auth/rights:no_gateway_rights (no rights for gateway te8911@ttn)”,
“details”: [
@type”: “”,
“namespace”: “pkg/auth/rights”,
“name”: “no_gateway_rights”,
“message_format”: "no rights for gateway {uid}",
“attributes”: {
“uid”: “te8911@ttn”
“correlation_id”: “581d5358994d4a47af9f3594d1dd0635”,
“code”: 7


Does your collaborator still have access?

Could they have accidentaly/deliberately removed you as a collaborator?

Can they see you still listed as a collaborator for the device?

Thanks for get back to me.

  • My collaborator dont have the accessibility of this device now.
  • Not sure they accidentally/deliberately removed me as a collaborator. I guess they may removed, but not aware of it.
  • They cant see me as collaborator for this device since this gateway is not listed on their gateway list.


It looks like this gateway was deleted.

You can register a new gateway with your EUI B827EBFFFEBA0B27, but you’d have to choose another ID than te8911, because you can’t re-use IDs of deleted gateways.