I have 4 channel gas sensor MULTIGASSENS M2 with built in LoRaWAN module RAK811. There is frequency set to 864.1, 864.3 and 864.5 MHz. I can’t change frequency. I can change SF and other parameters. Can set for OTAA and ABP.

To read data I build ESP-1ch-Gateway-v5.0–OLD and connect to TTN. I’m using wire (86.3mm) as antenna and EU863-870 frequency plan. MULTIGASSENS M2 sent data every 180 sec. My problem is I can’t get data every 180 sec. Sometimes I get it, sometimes no! So my questions it:

  1. Can I change frequency to 864 MHz in ESP-1ch-Gateway-v5.0–OLD code and get it work with TTN?
  2. What parameters of node I should change to get data from it in every 180 sec?
  3. Maybe all problems is with my GW with wire antenna and I should bay something like Dragino shield?

I added one of gateway received uplink message { "name": "gs.up.receive", "time": "2021-08-24T18:38:23.004962796Z", "identifiers": [ { "gateway_ids": { "gateway_id": "e8db84ffffe2b23e" } }, { "gateway_ids": { "gateway_id": "e8db84ffffe2b23e", "eui": "E8DB84FFFFE2B23E" } } ], "data": { "@type": "", "raw_payload": "QGBYAHPAYwABu96ugbFsSM0VF6wW6LzEKGE=", "payload": { "m_hdr": { "m_type": "UNCONFIRMED_UP" }, "mic": "vMQoYQ==", "mac_payload": { "f_hdr": { "dev_addr": "73005860", "f_ctrl": { "adr": true, "adr_ack_req": true }, "f_cnt": 99 }, "f_port": 1, "frm_payload": "u96ugbFsSM0VF6wW6A==" } }, "settings": { "data_rate": { "lora": { "bandwidth": 125000, "spreading_factor": 10 } }, "coding_rate": "4/5", "frequency": "868099975", "timestamp": 2340265169 }, "rx_metadata": [ { "gateway_ids": { "gateway_id": "e8db84ffffe2b23e", "eui": "E8DB84FFFFE2B23E" }, "timestamp": 2340265169, "rssi": -62, "channel_rssi": -62, "snr": 11, "location": { "latitude": 59.90745263824691, "longitude": 30.325402212662002, "altitude": 4, "source": "SOURCE_REGISTRY" }, "uplink_token": "Ch4KHAoQZThkYjg0ZmZmZmUyYjIzZRII6NuE///isj4Q0bn22wgaCwif+ZSJBhDGzKcCIOigspWOvgI=" } ], "received_at": "2021-08-24T18:38:23.004843078Z", "correlation_ids": [ "gs:conn:01FDWE5DZJMJAX9PR8V8CT5WK6", "gs:uplink:01FDWQ9K8W2YDJ64ND15B1DGV6" ] }, "correlation_ids": [ "gs:conn:01FDWE5DZJMJAX9PR8V8CT5WK6", "gs:uplink:01FDWQ9K8W2YDJ64ND15B1DGV6" ], "origin": "", "context": { "tenant-id": "CgN0dG4=" }, "visibility": { "rights": [ "RIGHT_GATEWAY_TRAFFIC_READ", "RIGHT_GATEWAY_TRAFFIC_READ" ] }, "unique_id": "01FDWQ9K8WTTP75GF8R7EZVGQM" }

This is not a LoRaWAN GW but a SCPF (Search forum) and is not supported on TTN as disruptive to other users. Also if your device only supports 3 channels that is a ‘channel hog’ and also not following LoRaWAN (use 8 channels, randomly) and should not be supported here either - if its based on the 811 then talk to supplier about any firmware updates to support full 8 channel LoRaWAN (no reason for it not to support!) or ask how you can expand capability yourself. Personally would ask for a refund and get a true LoRaWAN capable device…dont encourage these crippled products! :wink:

Don’t know, but when you find out, you need to increase the time between transmissions as it is deeply unlikely you are adhering to the fair use policy.

Wire antenna :rofl: