EUI already registered error

While registering my gateway to the network server, the error "A gateway with EUI A840411F43F04150 is already registered as a840411f43f04150" appeared. I know many others also faced this problem, but I would like to know where should I go to get support for this issue as i have tried to email [] with no response.

The Things Stack Community Edition does not come with a support plan, so you can’t open support tickets with The Things Industries.

You can however help yourself by using the command-line interface to find out who owns this gateway:

ttn-lw-cli gateways collaborators list [gateway-id]

In this case, it looks like your gateway was registered by your colleague @xavier-adv, so you should probably contact them and ask to add you as a collaborator.

Ran into the same issue with a new MikroTik wAP LR8 kit gateway.

Did a mistake tough at first by mixing the gateway ID and EUI when registering it. When I tried to correct the EUI in the console got a message that it is already registered to ID: gtwhap9. This is a strange ID to me that I never created.

When I looked up the gtwhap9 ID got this:

Strange is also that it seems to be registered to US region while connected to EU1 region cloud.

Any advice on how to start solving this issue?