EUI already registered error

While registering my gateway to the network server, the error "A gateway with EUI A840411F43F04150 is already registered as a840411f43f04150" appeared. I know many others also faced this problem, but I would like to know where should I go to get support for this issue as i have tried to email [] with no response.

The Things Stack Community Edition does not come with a support plan, so you can’t open support tickets with The Things Industries.

You can however help yourself by using the command-line interface to find out who owns this gateway:

ttn-lw-cli gateways collaborators list [gateway-id]

In this case, it looks like your gateway was registered by your colleague @xavier-adv, so you should probably contact them and ask to add you as a collaborator.

Ran into the same issue with a new MikroTik wAP LR8 kit gateway.

Did a mistake tough at first by mixing the gateway ID and EUI when registering it. When I tried to correct the EUI in the console got a message that it is already registered to ID: gtwhap9. This is a strange ID to me that I never created.

When I looked up the gtwhap9 ID got this:

Strange is also that it seems to be registered to US region while connected to EU1 region cloud.

Any advice on how to start solving this issue?

I have the same problem with my Milesight UG65.
It seems to be a big problem…if I buy a 500€ gateway it should work.
Is there any other possibility to get my gateway working with TTN without the EUI?

Thank you for your help


And it probably does - but I doubt Milesight are in a position to guarantee that someone somewhere on the internet has had finger trouble entering an EUI. This was not the doing of TTI or Milesight but is related to the user @mosti007 indicated in the error message. Have you tried contacting them via the forum?

No - and no one here other than mosti007 can help - but you could put in a request on Slack for the TTI team to look in to it.

Thank you for the quick response.
I know that it works well (I have another milesight gateway) but it’s a pity that the EUI can make a gateway totally unusable for TTI…
@mosti007 is the gateway id and @mosti the user id. Unfortunately this user is not registered on the forum.

Hence Nick’s suggestion that you reach out to the TTI core team on Slack (#support channel?) as none of the volunteers or moderators on TTN Forum have access to underlying TTN main accounts.

There fixed that for you! the EUI is a key device identifier on just about any LoRaWAN network (per L-A specificatons and procedures) and so its not just a TTN/TTI thing! Talking of finger trouble I trust you have double and triple checked your own typing of the code to ensure you have read and applied correctly? I know from experience it is very easy to get reading and applying any of the associated codes wrong :man_shrugging: :blush:

Interestingly a quick pole of an associated db suggests that GW id is not currently associated with an active GW so it maybe they (mosti) entered incorrectly then changed details and redid but didnt delete/clean up database - again TTI core team may be able to free up/clean back end db