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Any support questions you might have about the Fennec can be asked in this topic.

Link to marketplace page: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/marketplace/product/fennec


Hello may I have question about Fennec (FactoryLab)? I would like to connect it with configurate application (FactoryLab Configurator) but I was not successful. My PC find the device on COM port 16. In application I can see that com port. I try to connect but nothing happened. I found two versions of that application. V1.0 and V1.3. With v1.0 i can not connect. With v1.3 I can probably connect but application want to flash my device. I have to choose some .hex file from my computer and then flash. I do not have any .hex file famyliar with this device. I would like to ask how to connect to the divece. Thank you

Hello Jakub,
Have you installed the correct drivers? There is a link for the drivers, together with more important information, in the quick start guide. This manual will be send to you if you (have) download(ed) the Configuration Tool from our website.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you do need any further assistance.
With kind regards,

Bart, Factorylab

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Thank you very much. I had an older version of that document where did not described that drivers and I did not download that one from mail. My fault. Now I can connect to the device from Configuration Tool.

Thank you once more.

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  1. Can you release frequency plan the 868MHz RU?
  2. Can your logger connect to network server Actility?

you can try contact them direct https://www.factorylab.nl/