Failed to migrate gateway from v2 to v3


I have setup correctly the TTIG gateway and in V2 of the things gateway it shows connected.

I tried to migrated to v3 by following the doc, but with no success.

I tried also this doc but again with no success.

The frequency I chose was “Europe 863-870 MHz (SF9 for RX2 - recommended)”.

TTIG is not yet supported in V3. Did you attempt a forum search? This has been well covered in recent days/weeks. Leave on V2 for now and when the V3 TTN CUPS instance is ready (a few weeks/months?) migration will be possible. Leave it registered in V3 & V2 - DO NOT delete any registration information yoou have loaded in either system as re-instating may be problematic/not possible.

@Jeff-UK…sorry…I checked around but I didn’t find anything…to be honest I didn’t check fro the TTIG. I have already delete and add it again many times…I will leave the last one…thanks

Try “TTIG v3” - lots of hits …

Moving this to the ‘Migration of gateways to v3’ topic