Find a LoRa gateway nearby

(Andrelmbraga) #1


I know I have a everynet gateway nearby, do you guys know if is possible to “scan” with my Heltec LoRa ESP 32 to find this gateway?

Is there some methods to know if exist one LoRa network near to me?

(Ud Lo Ra) #2

Did you try here ?

(Andrelmbraga) #3

Yes! Please, correct if I am wrong, but I think only registered gateways on TTN are in this map, correct?

(Jeff Uk) #4

I wonder if - once V3 rolls out - where TTI or private instances are deployed and are enabled for peering we will be able to see these on the map also? If blue is active and red is recently seen but inactive maybe green, purple or orange could be peering enabled off-TNN deployments? (or to borrow from Pink Floyd - any colour you like?! :slight_smile: ) .

I have a number of GW’s registered on TTN now and more coming and when looking at deployment locations & surveys I consider where I can deploy 1st for my own and local communities or clients best benefit but then also consider where would help ‘fill’ TTN service gaps.

What we don’t know right now when placing a new GW is are we deploying redundant gateways if there is a potential peered GW close by the new site? If we can see that on the map then maybe we adjust location possibly by just a few hundred meters, to give different view and infill not spots, or perhaps give a measure of redundancy or maybe go many Km away to better provide area coverage helping improve range & reach and help shift higher SF nodes to more energy and spectrum efficient lower SF functionality?

@wienkegiezeman @johan @htdvisser @rish what would you guys say on this going forward? Is this even an option?


yes indeed.
you won’t find gateways that are connected to a different network.
also, not all TTN connected gateways are visible on that map (see settings in console)

(Ud Lo Ra) #6

If you are interested in TTN, just create an application, register your device, and wait to see whether some gateway is receiving signals and forwarding them to your application. I know about nearby gateways not only from the map, but also because I see my packets forwarded by them. You may register something similar to some other network with a free tier (Loriot and others).
However, for other networks, consider that not all are open and free - likely there could be some gateway listening but not forwarding to any public infrastructure to which you can gain access.
On the LoRa frequencies there are also other communications, so it is difficult to recognize gateway presence just by examining radio traffic.