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We want to connect 100 independent luminaires to LoRaWAN-based on/off controllers. Is it possible to accomplish this using the free TTN plan, or what plan do you recommend for this project?

No not really - there is no SLA, there is a cap on the downlinks, not that LoRaWAN is very suitable for command & control applications and 100 is definitely more than “just trying it out” - TTN is based on community applications.

As for plans, THE plan is based on the number of devices.

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His view is not necessarily correct. Many street lighting devices in the world use lorawan technology

Many people drive too fast. That doesn’t mean it is a good idea or the way to go.

If the devices impelement class C and can use multicast switching all lights in parallel is not a problem. If you need to address them individually LoRaWAN is not the right technology. Or you need a lot more gateways then a single one.
(Keep in mind gateways can’t receive uplinks while transmitting downlinks. Massive downlinks with LoRaWAN does not scale at all)

Regarding plans, go to the website for The Things Industries and check what is available. 100 devices is not for the community network.

And just maybe they are sent settings when they need to change rather than on/off commands that need to happen on demand.

Or not. Either way there aren’t huge consequences for a street light to not turn off, may be a bit for not turning on, as long as most of them do so.

And per above, you’ll need to use Class C - otherwise you’ll be waiting on the next check in from the street light - which is just perverse and turns the whole comms flow on it’s head.

If we all start sending radio signals to do things that can be automated, the airwaves will fill up and then nothing will be reliable, so the concept can only lead to the radio equivalent of Climate Change - indications of congestion are already to be found - a recent scan of a trading estate on the 868 ISM band found a few gaps but everyone appeared to be using the same WiFi channels!

Overall, LoRaWAN is not good for command & control - but good for updating semi-autonomous devices with some local decision making based on parameters that may be occasionally updated and most excellent for mostly uplink only applications.

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