Frequency plan: Brazil

I am researching the different ISM, RFID and SRD bands available in different countries, to make a clear list which lora frequencies can be used where.

The information available for Brazil is contradictory.

According to
“For example, Brazil supports 915-928 MHz, but these are only specified by the LoRa Alliance for Australia, so Brazilian gateways should connect to the Australian router.”

According to
“United States 902-928MHz - Also used in Canada and South America (except Brazil)”

But looking at and, Article 40 VI, the available frequencies are:
902 - 907.5MHz and 915 - 928MHz

The US frequency plan uses 903.9 - 905.3MHz and 923.3 - 927.5MHz. The US frequency plan therefore falls within the allowed ranges for Brazil.

So my question is: Why does all the information on TTN’s wiki and forum suggest that the Australian frequency plan be used in Brazil, while the US frequency plan, which is used in the rest of the Americas fall within the allowed ranges in Brazil?

I hope @htdvisser or @telkamp knows. Or is there perhaps anyone around who is more familiar with the Brazilian regulations?

As of today we are using the US902-928 frequency plan in Brazil.

If the Lora Alliance publishes a dedicated frequency plan for Brazil in the future, we will follow what they recommend to be LoRaWAN compliant.

True, the TTN pages aren’t consistent but the by-country list says it be US for Brazil:

I tried to update all the docs and wiki pages to the latest info. If I missed any, please let me know.

This old post New addresses for cloud services: update your gateways seems well linked and ranks high with search engines. It may make sense to update it or even remove the copy-pasted server address list and reference instead (assuming that one is always up-to-date).

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Hi, I’ve just updated the TTN frequencies by country page with the current brazilian regulations issues (…/frequencies-by-country.html).
The information saying that the US902-928 should be used in Brazil was wrong, since the 907.5 to 915 band is reserved, not a ISM unlicensed, as you saw at the GS1 website.
So, besides being available the 902-907.5 band, by the LoRaWAN regional parameters v1.1rb the channel plan to be used in Brazil is AU915.
The Brazilian Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) current reulations are: , Article 10 and , Section 10.2. Unfortunately available only in Portuguese.

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Indeed, now the picture of the map on should be updated, where Brazil must be green instead of orange. The other countries of Latin America cannot fully follow the US902-928 scheme as far as I know too, so they should be gray as it is not covered by LoRa Alliance regional parameters.

Feel free to clone the documentation repo on github and submit a pull request.

Anatel recently updated the regulations.
ATO Nº 14448, OF 04 DECEMBER 2017


From what I understand we will have other frequencies for use such as 433Mhz and 868Mhz.

There is a subject about this information:

The Regional Parameters LoRaWan 1.1 on page 8 say

AU915 for Brasil and many more south american