Frequency plan: Colombia

Hello! I’ve been researching the Frequency plan for LoRaWAN in Colombia and I believe the correct plan would be AU915-928 instead of US902-928 as indicated in the Frequency Plans by Country section here.

Page 12 of this document from the ANE (Colombia’s National Spectrum Agency) suggests that the frequency band from 915 to 928 MHz could be used for LoRaWAN applications. Additionally, section 3.1 of this document presents a table for restricted bands and frequencies between 851 and 915 MHz are included here.

Can anybody verify this information? Maybe I’m missing something that would permit using the frequency band from 902 to 928 MHz.

Thank you!

What do the L-A (LoRa Alliance) regional parameters call out for your territory?

Ok Ok I got curious and looked myself…AU915 it is (as a standardised plan)

No one on the forum is likely to have the legal and regulatory knowledge and authority to suggest/authorise anything other (though I stand to be corrected! :slight_smile: ) and we rely L-A for guidance. Also if going off piste wrt using an unauthorised plan you should also consider availability of devices and how to be managed and configured even if general width of band ok it may be there are specific sub-bands that are a problem in territory & cant be correctly set/ajusted for COTS products and set frequency plans - also TTN supports standardised frequency plans by region (following L-A) vs custom versions so may limit capability and move out of scope for the forum.


Obvious question is why do you/would you want to go off plan vs simly follow L-A (they will have done all the due dilligence and Reg authority checks/negociations for you)

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Ohh that clears things up. Thanks! Much easier to go off the LoRa Alliance regional parameters. I wanted to open a forum post for it, since I thought the information posted in Frequency Plans by Country might be incorrect. Is there any way The Things Network could check and maybe update the website?

Hello dears
We are using the LoRa technology in Colombia, we’ve been asked about the default uplink AU915-928 sub-bands reqiured?
How could we know which sub-band to choose?
for our gateway and the sensors?
Best Regrads