Frequency plan: Ethiopia

Does anyone have experience using LoRaWAN in Ethiopia? Any pointers as to what frequencies are allowed there? I couldn’t find any references yet in the forum, nor in the wiki (…

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Please refer to this document , many African contries are covered. but Ethopia is not listed. I recommend using EU868 .

For Ethopia, you should reach to LoRA Alliance for clarity of Frequency band.

Can you please explain why?

(As an aside, the 1.1 Regional Parameters document accompanies the LoRaWAN 1.1 specifications. TTN does not support 1.1 yet, so the 1.0.3 Regional Parameters might be a more appropriate reference. But as for frequencies, I guess it doesn’t matter much.)

Ok !! I recommend to use EU863-870 in the absence of any regulation and being widely used across globe and Easy availability of HW and Solutions (in my view).

Are you sure there are no country regulations? The sole fact that the LoRa Alliance did not list any frequency plan, might not indicate much.

The recommendation provided by @madhuvarsha I assume is informed by the ITU regional allocations so it would be great to use the EU868 just as he says. Africa and Europe are part of the ITU region 1.