Gateway console shows data while the console of the end device does not

Hello everyone,
The last few days I am trying to migrate my current implementation from V2 to V3 by using the relevant published guides.

I successfully managed to export and import the parameters of the my end device (ABP) to the The Things Stack Community Edition by using the Migration Tool. I also followed the relevant guide for my gateway and now its status is “Connected”.

So the problem I am facing is this:
The ‘Live data’ panel of the gateway shows data. I can see an uplink message with the correct DevAddr of my end device. On the other hand, when I explore the ‘Live data’ panel of my end device I can’t see any relevant message. It’s just an empty screen. Just to clarify, the status of my end device is still “unknown”.

Do you have a suggestion for my issue? Let me clarify that I started working with TTN just a few days ago in the context of my work so I do not have much experience.

Thanks in advance!

If data/activity is show in the Gateway Console view you know the node has sent a message and that the gateway is working/picking up ok. If that data is then not showing in the application or device view on console then usually that indicates they keys are wrong somehow as either the data isnt being sent through the application or it isnt recognising the vaules forwarded to it to either accept or decode the data. If the Dev Addr matches what you have for the device - again a good sign - be aware that Dev Addr isnt unique (range of available dev addr is limited) - there can be others on the network with same addr - though very unlikely in close proximity. It is then the combination of Dev Addr and Dev EUI that allows the TTN NS/Application to recognise individual devices to send messages to correct destination - so start with checking Dev Eui entered correctly on device and in Application → Device registration. If that is correct then check AppEui/Join Eui and so on… If correct then deending on your device I believe for some devices/environments keys ma be enetered MSB or LSB first so check what applies in your own case…

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That’s not a thing - if the setup is good, it will show in the console, the application server is totally ignorant of the payload format - if the JS formatter doesn’t match then you just end up with some odd decoding.

The OP used the migration tool, so this should not be an issue but there have been changes since I last used it so there may be some new gotchas.

What is this device? What firmware is it running?

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Thats what I am saying if the set up is good - ie. all keys present and correct, config good etc. No mention of payload decoders - that can only come once transmission accepted and data (not payload!) handled correctly :wink: Just keeping it simple for OP.

Yep, IF the data is handled correctly and gets through the data path and if it has a valid payload then any decoder can handle at that point and if gash then yes may see odd decoded output but need to get through the signal and routing path/handling 1st.

Indeed but as part of problem debug process suggesting you need to check CLI has done its job (emphasis mine) and that any recent changes haven’t messed things up esp if using an old, possibly less ‘compliant’ V2 node instance. Hence my suggestion to double check all the keys migrated correctly etc. - an eyeball check of the results to confirm automated system hasnt messed up some how, right?

Update, ah just noticed Nick cropped and moved the post I was responding too whilst I was replying… ah well… back to the day job!..

Hello everyone,
first of all thank you for your responses. They helped me a lot to understand a few things about the migration problem.

I double checked Device EUI, Application EUI & Device Address and the migration tool seems to entered them correctly. On my gateway I receive the following message (The DevAddr is the correct one with my end device) at a steady pace:


On the other hand my end device still have the status message: “Last seen info unavailable” and the live data panel is empty:


So my question is what steps do I have to do to continue my migration process? Unfortunately I got stuck.
I want also to ask what do you mean with the phrase “less compliant V2 node instance”?

Again thanks for your help! I appreciate it.