Gateway data usage


I’ve had people asking me many times how much internet data a gateway uses. I was never able to answer it with good references, as the most of my setups have custom monitoring or using data too. Up until now.

A month ago we took a Laird RG186, configured it for TTN (Semtech UDP protocol / legacy) and connected it to the internet via a Huawei B315 LTE router. We loaded 100MB of data on the sim card and let it run until the data runs out. Our provider draws graphs of the left over data per day. The result is as follows:




So we started with 100MB on 2018-06-08 and the data ran out on 2018-07-07. That is 29 days.

100MB / 29 = 3.45MB per day

The gateway is located in a business park with may tech companies. The gateway receives a LoRaWAN packet at least every 10 seconds. The gateway also sends a status update every 30 seconds.


great info. tnx!

Q : who is the provider ? is it a special data only simcard ?


Little off topic, but I think it is a Vodacom sim card managed by


lol… I forgot you’re not located in NL … tnx anyway.

was today in the vodaphoneshop for info… difficult to buy a prepaid data (internet) only card in NL that you can remote manage/fill and that is valid for let’s say 1 year… oh… and that don’t cost you a few hundred euro’s.
they all want to sell you ‘a bundle’

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Thanks very much for the info! I’ve been running a 3G based one and this is rather handy to know how much to top up when the data runs out.

So far mines used about 150MB according to the 3G Dongles internal counter over a 2-3 month period. Much less usage.

For those looking for a network in the UK I’ve been using a vodafone dongle because it came with 2GB of data with it for £15 and further topups last 3 months instead of the usual one most carriers do over here.


little off topic too… but one more question I’m not able to find the answer myself :.

’ is it possible to switch the wifi off on the Huawei B315 LTE and cable connect a RPI direct, and still have internet … be it 3g or 4g ? ’

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Yes. I’m doing that at some of my high sites where radio noise is an issue.


tnx that’s perfect (I think :wink: )