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I have been told that 869 MHz band is no longer available as for SRD in 2018 in Malaysia. Looking at the Second Schedule of Class Assignments, we seems to have one option left which is 433 MHz. I will try to get a confirmation from the authority and keep you all updated.

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Very interesting information! Thank you for sharing


Hi Boon,

what gateway you use for LoRa?
im now doing project in LoRa system.Still in beginner i really need help from you guy.

this my email and contact
wassap no:0143687100



Welcome to join TTN! I have dropped you an email.


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this company is building a network in malaysia


Thank you for replying my mail ,i so glad i really need sifu for LoRa as im noob ,nestorayuso glad to hear malaysia is doing the LoRa.Guys maybe we can make group for malaysia LoRa gath?coz i thought it maybe good way for us to share knowledge in LoRa and maybe LoRa can be full implement in malaysia in 2020 ,my main language is python.


@nestorayuso do you know anyone in that company? It would be nice to raise the awareness of TTN in Malaysia to them though they are planning to build a network too.

@joehunt588 Sure. That's what the community in Malaysia is working on.


Yeah that great idea,maybe we can do sharing and help that company set LoRa so we can have IOT access like Amsterdam .

Or for quick maybe we can create whatapps group?please advise.

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Hi, guys. I am Ismail. I have soldered the lorawan module from microchip to my Arduino. I am currently looking for an active gateway near KL to test it. You guys know any active gateway available? Your help is much appreciated. :smile: I wanted to construct the raspi gateway as I have the raspi on hand but the cheapest lorawan gateway module is still around 200USD which is too expensive for myself.


@ismail what is the frequency of your node?

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I used this module "RN2483-I/RM095 LORA TRANSCEIVER MOD, 433/868MHZ, 14DBM", it is the right frequency right? Don't tell me I bought the wrong one. :neutral_face: oh no.
I made two of them.


I have a gateway in Cheras and it is at the right frequency for your sensor node.

Keep in mind, we are not allowed to use this frequency in 2018. Please check this:

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Ok, thank god it is the right frequency. :sweat_smile:I will keep in mind about the restriction. Thank you for replying my enquiry. :grinning:

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Hi Boon,

What gateway you are currently using?

I'm in Shah Alam, so it's a bit way off. Currently looking into getting the RisingHF gateway RF add-on for the Raspberry Pi but I would have to run on 915 MHz and 868 MHz. They do have 434MHz version as they are China based primarily.

I believe the company Atilze is going to deploy the network but I'm not expecting anything free from companies from Malaysia.

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@phangmoh , I think you are right. It will never be free here, :pensive:.


@phangmoh I am using IMST iC880A + RPi which is running at 868 MHz. I bought this gateway before MCMC decided to remove 868 MHz band from SRD category in 2018. :cry:

The only band that we should use now for LoRa is 919MHz - 923 MHz. So, if you are planning to buy a new gateway from RisingHF, then 915 MHz gateway is the only option to go.

The idea of TTN is to provide a free IoT network which is community owned. If your sensor nodes are connected to any TTN 's community gateways, then it should be free even it is in Malaysia.

Hope this helps.


hi @boon do you have any idea on freq mapping for msia?


@shamry As far as I know, we don't have a freq mapping yet.


mdec and vads annoucing lora public service.. they must have some mapping scheme or API. we should participate for the testing? :slight_smile:


do you have the gateway @phangmoh . looking fwd for testing.