Gateway for Malaysia

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I am learning this also. In KL / Malaysia.

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Thank you

(Mubarak Kazmin) #105

Cool. I will hopefully get my components and we'll how progress goes.

I am looking to setup a 915MHz gateway in Educity, Nusajaya using the Cytron LoRa-RFM95 Shield.

Get back to you once I get the stuff up and running.

(Danialridzuan) #106

Where does the specific places that have gateway

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Hi, nice to meet you all ^^

I'm working on the Lora solution as well, happy to see many experts at here .. Wish can learn more from you all ^^

This is the lora board from the company I'm working on ..

Just curious is there any legal issue or cautious need to take note when using long range 433 MHz in Malaysia? Does MCMC got any technical document/specification for this long range device?

Thanks ..

Best regards,

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Disclaimer: I am not an expert in this subject but has found some materials regarding the spectrum assignment via MCMC website in the following document "Class-Assignment-No-2-of-2015" on page 8 saying that frequency band from 433 to 435 MHz can be used but with maximum EIRP of 100 mW.

Hope this helps :grin:

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Hi Kazmin,

I also stay in Nusajaya area and also interested to setup a Lora gateway. May I know if you have any success with the setup? please drop me an email . Thanks!

(Dbp9) #110

I just bought a cheap development board with ESP32, OLED & “868MHz LoRa”. Only cost USD17 so I thought it was worth playing with.

  1. Should this be able to connect to a gateway in KL so I can see the data? It comes with something pre-programmed and says "sending packet " with an increasing number every so often so I am guessing it is transmitting!

  2. Has the frequency allocation been sorted out yet? I can’t see anything definitive but I did read 868MHz is being disallowed as of the end of this year…which leads me to believe 868MHz is the current frequency used?

  3. Anyone else using these devices? I have seen some info here but so far haven’t had time to actually do any programming:

(Glkhann) #111

Hi. I am new to TTN and dragino gateway. I am currently in Miri using 433MHz dragino shield and gateway. In TTN, there is no 433MHz router for asia or south-east asia. There is no much material i could refer to on internet. Could anyone advise me how to send and receive data using 433MHz ?

(Amzaff) #112

According to MCMC - CLASS ASSIGNMENT NO. 1 OF 2017

  1. 916 MHz to 919 MHz - 25mW EIRP with duty cycle of <1%, Frequency Hopping or LBT
  2. 919 MHz to 923 MHz - 500 mW EIRP
  3. 923MHz to 924MHz - 500 mW EIRP with duty cycle of <1%, Frequency Hopping or LBT

Does this changes anything?

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Is there a way I can get Kerlink Gateway on rent in Malaysia?

(Vicky) #115

Hi is there anyone using LoPy to set up LoRawan nanogateway? i need advise.


(Jangeirnaert) #116

Hi. I am not an expert in these matters but with the help of a local expert I have setup my single channel dragino-shield on a raspberry-pi2. I am using 923.2 Mhz

works fine. There is one dragino node attached to it… I can see the device live on the TTN Map. Important baby steps forward.

The whole purpose is to learn about this type of device, LoRa IoT etc…

(Purin) #117

That’s a very good news! Do you mind sharing how did you setup a gateway for 923 MHz ?
I’m interested in making one for using in Thailand. There are only few people who know and start working on 923 MHz, but your success is indeed a good step forward.

(Reza Kh) #118

Use this source for a single channel Lora for 923 mhz