Gateway ID : x-FFFF-y or x-FFFE-y?

I’ve had some trouble with my gateway which i solved by changing the gateway ID from x-FFFF-y or x-FFFE-y and removing and adding the gateway.The gateway is visible again.It may have been the raindance or the ID change but I’m looking for some clarification on how TTN expects the the ID to be generated from the MAC ID.

This post mentions “In other words, the EUI-64 value was generated by inserting either the value FFFEhex or the value FFFFhex in between eui48[2] and eui48[3].

Another post mentions “For the gateway ID you need to use the MAC address from your ethernet interface with FFFE inserted in the middle.”.

Is there a convention within TTN ? Can someone point me to the standard ?

Thanks, Ivo

This is an global convention, check this Microchip document for more information. For more information on the use of both ffff and fffe see this ietf forum posting.

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For future reference, that quote is written in the past tense, and that very same post also mentions (emphasis mine):

(That said, chances for collisions with officially assigned EUIs within the very same TTN network are low.)