Gateway is already registered

I have a RAK7249 gateway connected to ttn community, I want to connect it to TTI . I have physical access to the gateway and I am the owner and I get the following error

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-23 141302

If you want to connect to TTI you need to delete from TTN CE as the EUI can o lay be registered at one place at a time as the error message states.

I already deleted it from TTN CE and when registering it in TTI it keeps sending me the same error

That’s not needed actually. TTS CE and TTI are separated networks and they don’t share a database.

This issue could be because the EUI may have been used by someone else. Is this the EUI of your gateway or are you assigning an EUI to it yourself?


Good to know. Thanks!

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@gascadev This EUI was previously registered by a user “AMKIRSCH” someone you know? Same org? May have been under TTN V2 - dont know if that would limit for V3…

Have you typed correctly? (please triple check!)

Update - Original description/name IOTF2-CDMX registered under to US freq plan through US West. Both users are on (fixed?) IP’s under same network - so guess you guys may know each other! :wink: @AMKIRSCH if not mis-registered 1st time around?

Whilst I’m sure the Cyber-Sleuthing is fun, if you’ve got that much time on your hands I could do with having the car polished.

Sorry not enough time to drive up to Bolton!..and too busy trying to debug my original Semtech/iMST LoRaMOTE MK I & II decoder :rofl: Besides took <2 mins so unless you car is Matchbox sized…

Yes, we know each other. We need the gateway id to make claimable, please

You will need to ask the person you know - none of us have access to the TTS database here!

You dont claim a RAK7249…use Add Gateway not Claim Gateway

Also the Gateway ID is just a string of characters that you use to identify it in your listings - be creative! If original name was used in V2 then dont think that impacts V3 so you might even try

:slight_smile: If that isnt accepted maybe add -V3 ?

In TTN CE it is already registered without problems. The problem is registering it in TTI. It originated after the V3 update, I have the same problem with 4 other gateways.

gateway EUI

Someone else is using my EUI in TTI?.. “is already registered in another tenant” …

Have you deleted the gateway in TTS(CE)? TTN itself is effectively a Tenant IIRC… (Note once deleted in V3 you wont be able to reuse the Gateway ID if you try to revert)

I did that already. Still the same error


I did the registration but the gateway is disconnected, how can I connect it?

You have posted to a thread dealing with already registered gws and issues that seems to cause…is that your problem - tried and failed as already registered or are you saying you registered no problem, now have a gw cosole page listing the item but it is just showing not connected? if the latter are you seeing any traffic on the cosole, or do your devices pass data to your application ok but dont get seen on the gw console page…or…?

What gateway - make & model?

Is there any activity on the live data console for the gateway?

my gateway is rhf2s024