Gateway is getting frequent disconnection


I am facing an issue with the gateway when connecting to the TTN server. It shows frequent disconnections and reconnections within one minute after the initial connection is established. The node is not joining the TTN server even though it is registered with the gateway; the communication is not happening between the gateway and the node.

If anyone has any ideas or solutions, kindly provide assistance.

Thank you.

A node should be registered at TTN, not at gateway level.

What brand is your gateway? What software are you running? Have you changed any settings? What does the logging on the gateway show? (My guess is that it complains about not being able to start the concentrator)

2.0.6(mlinux/std) looks like you have a Multitech Gateway running basicstation version 2.0.6.

I have seen this behavior using BasicStation 2.0.6 on the Raspberry Pi, so I suspect it is something to do with basicstation and perhaps TTN. I also have an identical gateway connected to AWS IoT and don’t recall having this trouble on that GW.

For me, normally I can get days of correct operation from the GW, then it randomly enters into this disconnect/ reconnect loop. Normally I find a power down/reboot normally fixes the problem, but like you it would be nice to get to the root cause. I have the impression it is network related.

If you experience it immediately, I would be looking at your gateway’s network connection. Are you on a cellular connection? If so, what happens if you put it on a fixed broadband service. Does the issue go away?

If this works for you it is highly unlikely TTN, it is either your hardware or stack you are using.

And I have never seen any of this behavior on any of the gateways we run on BasicStation.

From our side of the world cell connections are not a very good option to use, from time to time very high latency.

But feedback on Jac questions will assist greatly to maybe narrowing down the root cause of the issue.

And GW’s eui = 0080000000020E0C suggests right wrt manufacturer and main s/w version

Currently online with Indian freq plan - stability of local internet connection would be my 1st question for this… try alternate backhaul options.

I doubt if it is the stack as my AWS router is identical. But, I suspect you are right with hardware. The more I think of it, basicstation is connecting, starting (or trying to start) the concentrator module, fails, disconnecting and repeating.

So I think Jac’s comment,

My guess is that it complains about not being able to start the concentrator

is spot on.

Some of the Multitechs have cards that plug in. If Sainath’s unit does, he may want to remove the card and insert/reseat it.

Thank you, Kersing,

Sorry for the inconvenience. It is registered on the TTN server. I am using a Multitech gateway, currently testing indoors. There have been no changes to the Multitech gateway and TTN, but I have re-registered the gateway on the TTN server just in case.

This log is from the TTN server. I don’t know why it is acting strangely all of a sudden.

I know. (I’ve been using TTN since 2015 so I do recognize the interface :grin:)

I am asking you to point a browser to the MultiTech, log in and in the MultiTech admin interface check the output of BasicStation. I don’t own MultiTech hardware that runs BasicStation so I don’t know where to look, may-be someone with recent MultiTech hardware can point you to the right screen or (oh horror) you could consult the manual… (old software loads allowed ssh access to logfiles, don’t know if that still works as my hardware is first generation and doesn’t run BasicStation)

Are you using a cellular backhaul?

Yes @cpeacock, in the debug log I have seen these kinds of errors:
ERROR: [main] failed to start the concentrator, resetting LoRa and trying again.
ERROR: [main] concentrator cannot be started, exiting.
I suspect the packet forwarder is not working.

So my unit doesn’t have plug in option of card

No, I am using ethernet backhaul.

I suspect you have the issue Jac mentioned.

Are the concentrator connected properly?

I’d be inclined to do more than suspect that it may not be working!

In fact I’d go all in and say it’s not working!

Even if the concentrator card isn’t pluggable, may be worth making sure all the connectors are well seated and the power supply is OK.

Which model?