Gateway is receiving the exact same packet for DevAddr "BEACE103" every 10 minutes

(Arjan) #22

Okay, maybe the fixed SF12 does not imply the beacon is not compliant, but what about the fixed channel of 868.1 MHz?

End-devices may transmit on any channel available at any time, using any available data rate, as long as the following rules are respected:

  • The end-device changes channel in a pseudo-random fashion for every transmission. The resulting frequency diversity makes the system more robust to interferences.
  • ā€¦


Because of good RF conditions I see both the Amsterdam and Brussels beacon today. :grin:


(Keptenkurk) #24

@mvdswaluw: The same near Eindhoven:

Time is in UTC, first column SNR, second RSSI.

(Ryan Walmsley) #25

More updates!

Move my antenna higher, Iā€™m now picking up from the Brugge one!