Gateway not connected

I see this issue several places in the forum. It seems like the TTN infrastructure has issues sometimes. This maybe different. I have three applications running through a single channel gateway. Things have been running nicely for a few days. All of a sudden, the gateway is dropped from the console. Two of the three applications is still posting data to the console and the data from all three devices is received by my gateway…at least according to debug data from the gateway. I’m now sending a 22 byte payload from all three nodes every 15 minutes but before that I was probably hammering the TTN router with packets every 5 minutes or less. Is it possible I exceeded the max data transfer spec. Would I be shut down for this? If so, how is this resolved. I didn’t receive any notifications, etc.
Thanks for any input.

The network (routing) is down for almost 24hours, thousands of gateways are not connected now, you can see them all in red on ttnmapper, some looks like they are connected because they are blue but that is false since they only connect sometimes but no packets are routed.

Finally… the TTNetwork seems to be up again :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for your reply. I guess I may have over-thought it.