Gateway problem

Hi all
I have a problem since this morning.
yesterday my gateway was ok on ttn and this mornig ttn say : Gateway offline. but when i connect on gateway by wifi, all is ok, network test ok.
TTN is having problems right now ?
Thanks for help

I am experiencing similar problem - gateway is “Not connected” but devices are showing data traffic !!
Yesterday was ok, traffic on gateaway ok, problem started this morning.

yes exactely same here.
I just spent 1 hour dismantling my 8 meter mast to check my gangway and everything is ok …

Hi @daviddu08, looks like YANOCO strikes again.

Yet Another NOC Outage.

My gateways are showing not connected.
My data is all flowing just fine via MQTT.

As the HitchHiker’s Guide says: DON’T PANIC.
Do not power-cycle, re-flash, etc. your gateways or rip them off the roof and throw them in the trash.

Over here in Doetinchem the same problem. Gateways say that they are connected, but in the console I don’t see any gateway connected

You may wish to review this:

And also consider making yourself a little canary device so you can automagically monitor from device through to your dashboard.