Gateways don't show up in TTN mapper Android App

My Gateways show up correctly on the website of ttnmapper, but not in the Android App.

The GPS data for all gateways is configured on the gateway console.
The option “LoRdrive mode” is activated in the app, but there are no signal paths to my gateways (2 TTIGs, 1 RAK, 2 Packet Forwarder on different locations) and the gateways are not shown on the app (but on the web-map).

See the screenshot from the app, paths are shown only to other gateways.

There should be a gateway visible near the way point on the top of the map.
Any ideas?

(sorry for posting in the from sub forum… is not really related to only SCPF, it also happens with my TTIG and RAK)

Then please select the gateway category and not a sub category…

I’m quite sure this is related to the metadata of some gateways not including the coordinates anymore. For me, for a Kickstarter The Things Gateway that started May 11th, incidentally just when some EU gateway bridge updates were executed. All still fine for a EU gateway using the UDP Semtech protocol.

On Slack, @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 wrote May 28th:

Yup this is being looked at. Get back to you guys soon about this.


I think I should drop the word “soon” in all my communication. Still, this is definitely on my radar and I will follow-up.


@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2, the location is still missing. Any news?

@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 any news on location in metadata on TTIG gateways?

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Sorry I didn’t check the forum in a while. Yes, this feature is planned for this month’s milestone. I’ll update here on the progress.

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I can confirm, that as of 10th of November, the TTIG is showing up correctly now in the Android App.