Gateways not connecting since 26nov19


I have a permanent indoor gateway and a gateway for demo purposes.
Both of them do not connect to since 26nov.
They are both running the Semtech packet forwarder.
Was there any significant change made?

Hi @JFottner, similar here.
My EU region UDP gateways have all had intermittent connections for the last 12 hours.
My TCP gateways are all running stable.
I see on the TTN web status page graphs that the message counts have been very unstable for the last 12 hours.
I don’t see any messages on the slack #ops channel.
I assume that there are problems at present.

Same here: EU region. Packets get not published since ~ 7 UTC.
Reloading does not solve the issue.
MQTT, Gateway traffic and Device traffic does not get updated!