Gemtek Indoor Femto LoRaWAN Gateway - Anyone else using one?

(Madhuvarsha) #22

Can u please share the product details? Is it LoRAWAN gateway or packet forwarder? mine one is Packet Forwarder.

(Madhuvarsha) #23

Check the link…does the Gateway login screen is similar?

(Davidraditya) #24

Hi, my gateway Configuration Interface looks similiar to you, but I can’t find “Packet Forward” tab on the left side. Here is a screenshot for that.

In the other hand, yesterday I tried to upgrade the firmware from 3.00.07 to 3.03.13.
Then another problem occured. I can’t use the Provision Code that I previously used on the firmware version 3.00.07, and then my Gateway is like “bricked/locked” for some reasons due to the “wrong provision code”.

Now anyone know how to rollback the firmware to the older one?

(Madhuvarsha) #25

No Worries …you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Create a login credentials on TTN (if not created yet)
  2. Login and go to Console
  3. In Console - Click Gateway and add the required information i.e Gateway ID ( if device is functioning as Gateway or Packet forwarder - check Packet forwarder for legacy device), Description, Frequency plan ( as applicable in your country), Router location. …That’s all. At TTN End.

Kindly share the Model name and config screen also of the gateway.

In Gateway :
The server addresses visible in the Router drop-down are for TTN specific gateway software. If you are using the normal Semtech packet forwarder on port 1700, you should point your gateway to one of the following addresses instead: (Australia, 915 MHz) (Southeast Asia, 920-923 MHz - 'AS923' low) (Southeast Asia, 923-925 MHz - 'AS923' high) (Europe, 868 MHz) (America, 902-928 MHz) (Korea, 920-923 MHz)

I hope this will helpful.

(Madhuvarsha) #26

Please ask the supplier for Firmware related issue. Once FW issue is resolved, you can apply the config I mentioned earlier.

(Davidraditya) #27

Thank you, I have been created a TTN account, but actually I have no idea about configuring Gemtek Femto due to lack of documentation.

I have already try to contact the supplier about the firmware, but the supplier haven’t respond for it yet.

Anyway, thank you so much for your help and have a nice day!

(Madhuvarsha) #28

No worries, once u sorted out the FW issue,I will be more than happy to help you out.