Generate DevEUI when not using CLI in Cloud version

I searched the forum but am only able to find out of date answers. My question is how to generate a DevEUI for a new node which i’m trying to add. Its an ESP32 with a RFM95W board. So I don’t have a DevEUI from the manufacturer.
Since I’m on the Cloud version of the Things Stack i dont think I’m able to access the CLI for adding devices. Or am I wrong?
Generating a DevEUI from the V2 console is not possible anymore since no new devices can be added there.
Can anyone help me and point me in the right direction?

PS: Using OTAA and LMIC libs

Found this post: Post

WIth this link: Generator

Yes, totally. The CLI is the canonical management tool, the pretty web pages are secondary and the CLI also creates DevEUI’s for you because it is the canonical tool - everything gets implemented in the CLI first, and then possibly the web console. All instances of TTS can be managed by the CLI because it is THE way to manage an instance.

I see you found my page :ok_hand:

You can use the CLI for any The Things Stack deployment, but it’s still a bit of work to configure it properly. We’re working on making that easier.

We really want to bring all functionality to the web Console as well, but we’re a bit short on front-end developers. If you are or know a front-end developer who may be interested in working on our web Console (built with React), please point them to our open source repository on GitHub or to this front-end developer job at The Things Industries.