GPS Tracking with Lora and display on mobile application

Hello everyone. I have some question.

How do i sent my position data that receive from gps module and display on my mobile application.

I think i will connect lora device with gps module and arduino board and then send position data to cloud server and send it to my mobile application that i make it, and display on google map.

Did i have going with a right way? Pls recommended me.
Very Thankful for everyone that interest my problem and sorry for my bad english skill.

Thank you

Welcome to TTN.

What is it you want to track, where will the tracker be, and how often do you want position updates ?

And where in the World are you, are there TTN gateways in your area ?

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Thank you for your attention.

Bike and tracker on bike.
can i update real time? or maybe 30 seconds.
i’m from Thailand and i think i will use CAT telecom(Lorawan Provider) for TTN gateways.

TTN as a free service has a 30 seconds airtime fair access limit per day, that can restrict you to around 24 packets or position updates per day.

oh i found 16 Gateways in my province and how do i use it? and how to sent a position from microcontroller to server

Look here;

hello I’m back.I have some question.
If I don’t want to make a lora gateway.
Can I use gateway in my area that i don’t know who is owner?

Yes. GW’s just ‘transparently’ forward all valid LoRaWAN messages received to the Network Server/Back End Application handling. If your sensor node/device is registered in TTN then messages won’t be dropped but instead will be forwarded to any Application or Storage Integration you have set up.

If you can contribute GW coverage great but if not it is an open network per the manifesto available to all. Please just be mindful of fair use and regulator policies wrt on air time, limiting downlinks, etc. Have fun! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. :grinning: