GS-LT-100E Technical Documentation

I’m searching for technical documentation of the LT-100E GPS tracker from GlobalSat. Infos about the payload structure and the way to configure the device via AT Commands.
There’s a quite old thread in this forum with some information in it, i.e. a sample Payload Formatter, but I’m missing detailed docs how to configure this node. I’m not able to change the factory defaults. For example I would like to test the motion detect mode or want to change the 60s period for sending the GPS data.
Can anybody help?
PS: This AT-Command Set Description helps only partially. I’m able to read out some parameters with AAT2 commands, but I’m not able to configure the device, i.e. turn ADR on (default is off).
PPS: in this folder is a developer documentation for the LT-501 device. Unfortunately it is incompatible.

Default as ADR not recommended for moving nodes! Nor trackers by definition. ADR adapts TX/RX settings based on a statistical analysis and network derived headroom/safety margin over a series of messages…if node moving or moves substatially over the signal review period it will fail to deliver effective results and may lead to device going out of range. ADR great for static devices - e.g. BMS systems, Agri-monitoring, Smart meteing etc…where typically once deployed devices stays put :slight_smile:

Thank you for this information. Nevertheless I need the documentation, ADR was just an example. I definitely want to change the transmit periods, from default 60 seconds to 8-24 hours or so. Otherwise it would drain the battery and violate the transmission time budget of 1 second/day.
By the way, the use case is quasi static, the devices are normally not moved and if so, only over short distances less than 500m. Do you think, that even then ADR is a bad idea?

Meanwhile I got a configuration tool from GlobalSat. With this it is easily possible to configure the LT100 via the USB Adapter.
Because I don’t know if I’m allowed to published it here by myself, anybody who’s interested should contact GlobalSat directly.
Issue is closed.