Has anyone tried the RisingHF gateway boards?

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@jmarcelino could you tell me the exact steps you followed? I’m struggling with the same exact setup. Newbie here. the .json file is merged into the ttn repo an the account is set on the ttn site itself.

error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by merge:
Please move or remove them before you can merge.

Not sure what to do next.

So far, I’ve cloned the ic880 repo, the start.sh file didn’t have the reset pin reference since it was the master file. I ran " sudo ./install.sh spi " and get that error at the end when i select Yes to use the remote config file. But start.sh now changes to the spi branch, so I can edit the reset pin, which I think was mentioned is 7 for the risinghf adapter?

a bit confused and lost about what I’m doing wrong. any help is appreciated.

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Hi check our instructions

Disclaimers we still need to add to the video:
  1. Never start your RisingHF board without an antenna connected
  2. Don’t use any 2nd TTN Gateway in the config, it causes pakcets sent to all servers/thus flooding (video @12:30)

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Man this worked awesome for me. I bought the RHF0M301 standalone board last year and have been using jumper wires to bodge the thing together. That was annoying, so I went about looking for the RHF4T002 board only to find that they flat out refuse to sell it except as part of the gateway bundle. Finally ran into this post, had the PCB made, and finally got around to assembling it today. Everything works just like it should! Thanks for taking the effort to design this and then share it with us here!


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Hi everybody
can you share an SD image working with TTN?