Having Trouble Connecting my Arduino MKR 1310 to TTS

Hello all. I have been trying for the last day to connect my MKR 1310 to The Things Stack, but I am being hit with this message in IDE’s serial monitor: “Message ack was not received, the message could not be delivered”.

The device connects to the Arduino IOT cloud and I see uplinks and downlinks from it in my The Things Stack Console, but I am not able to figure out why its not able to fully connect. I have confirmed that it has the correct join/app EUI and App Key.

For reference, I am following this walkthrough.

Does anyone have any suggestions on anything I could be missing? I have other end devices sending payloads to my TTS console just fine.

I don’t understand what library uses your device. Maybe device ask’s for confirmed uplink? Not suggested by TTN since according to fair using policy you can have only 10 downlinks per day.

I’m not sure what the Arduino Cloud does. But I do know a quick forum search brings up this little nugget:

which I checked was OK on the 6th June