Help me to use spiffs

hello everyone in the forum. I would like to help to configure the spiffs in heltec esp32, would have to save gps data, do a logger. If anyone can give me an example, I’d appreciate it.

Myself I would use a Micro SD card for a logger.

Are you designing a stand alone logger or one integrated into a TTN application node ?

This sounds like a question you would do best to pursue with general resources for ESP32 development in whatever mode (native C, Arduino, lua, whatever) you are using.

While it’s possible someone here has experience, there’s no direct relation to TTN, so your audience of potential helpers is a lot smaller here than on a general ESP32 site.

you think so :clown_face:

The question wasn’t about using the ESP32 for TTN, it was about using SPIFFS on the ESP32

Initially it won’t matter if that ESP32 is also dealing with TTN, though in the long run there could be some interactions. If there are, those are the kinds of things where there might be unique help here.

But for basic “how do I use SPIFFS on the ESP32” asking here is artificially limiting the audience of helpers to only a tiny fraction of the collection of people who work with the ESP32 and might be able to help.

Just a thought, but for ESP32 support you might try the ESP32 support forums;

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