Heltec CubeCell FCC certification

I had sent a private message about CE and FCC certification.

These would (should) be a matter of public record…can you share on the forum for the benefit of all please! :wink:

My order was shipped via DHL on 29th April and received today, 13th May, in New Zealand. With Covid-19 the air freight world has changed. I expected to pay extra for shipping.

I’m excited to be able get started with my Cube Cell development boards and capsules.


:+1: Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Hunter. Thanks for the upload. I’m looking into this for a small development project in the USA.

Question: Does the Cubecell have FCC certification for Subpart C (intentional radiators)? e.g. 47 CFR 15.247:2015, 15.109:2015, 15.107:2015

I think Subpart C certification is required before I can market this product or am I missing something?

Yes, my colleague just confirmed with the test laboratory, they told us the directives you mentioned already included.

Thanks Hunter. Can you update the certificate to show this, or provide a new link?


I would also like the intentional radiator documents.

TB200926512.pdf (601.1 KB)