How do i switch to kersing forwarder , Using ttn-zh build

Just brought my first gw online


Got a IMST lite-gateway

I was following this guide

And just had to adapt “Reset” to RasPI BCM pin 5 (phys pin 29) (Info supplied by IMST)

But i’m wondering what packet forwarder i’m using here ??

I think this is the one (from the install script) , but it says it’s abandoned on git.
git clone -b legacy

Does anyone have a guide, for how to use the below forwarder instead ?

I’m used to building stuff on linux from source , but need a few hints for the integration of the kersing forwarder , into the ttn-ch build (guide)

I would like to avoid the stuff , as i’m using the Pi for other stuff too


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You can still use the build script (dev/ included in the stuff to build the executable.

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Thank you :+1:

Will have a look at the repos


This one use the latest @kersing packed forwarder and based on @jpmeijers build script , you can pick up script and get what you need

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Just had a quick glance , seems to be “easy” to build.

Will try during next week