How much frame count deviation is allowed?

When using ABP the LoRa node stores the FC locally. Now one of the things I would like to find out is how much deviation is allowed between the FC which the LoRa nodes sends out and the FC stored on the backend server.

In normal situations there is no deviation however due to local radio outage or other circumstances there might be a deviation. How will the TTN network react and how should it according to the LoRa standards?

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according to LoRaWAN specs

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Thanks. Re-read that sub section and extracted the following: Frame counter (FCnt)

At the receiver side, the corresponding counter is kept in sync with the value received provided the value received has incremented compared to the current counter value and is less than the value specified by MAX_FCNT_GAP1 after considering counter rollovers.

1 Actual value for MAX_FCNT_GAP, RECEIVE_DELAY1 and RECEIVE_DELAY2 can be found at 7.1.7 for EU863 - 870 or 7.2.7 for US902 - 928

7.1.8 EU863-870 Default Settings


7.2.8 US902-928 Default Settings


So does this also apply to TTN. Can we have a MAX_FCNT_GAP of 16384? Can somebody from TTN confirm?


Did you know you can just look that up in the TTN source code?

You can also change it if running a private server.


Did not cross my mind to check the source code … but I guess that is the easiest :slight_smile:

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