How to add Dragino Lora/gps HAT to V3

I’m trying to transfer my end device from V2 to V3 but when I try to add the device in the V3 console and choose Dragino Technologies as the supplier the resulting device list does not include the HAT.

There is nothing on the HAT or the Dragino manuf website other than “SX127X GPS HAT” which isn’t in the model list

Has anyone created a V3 end device of this type? If not, does it matter should I just lie about what it is (for now)?

Many thanks for any help you can give me.

For unknown devices you can use “try manual device registration“. Because hats do not come with embedded software the vendor will not be able to add it to the device database as they can’t guess the LoRaWAN standard your software uses.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a go.

Well, it worked. I re-used the EUI from the V2 device. Unfortunately, I can see it trying to join in the V3 console but no join-accept message is received at my end although TTN scheduled it.

Is this because the device exists with the same EUIs in both V2 and V3? (stuff passed to V3 not routed back to V2?)

Thanks for any further help. This isn’t something I do daily.

“Stuff” is passed from v3 back to V2.

Try changing the AppsKey on V2 so there is no match on the V2 NS.