How to contact a gateway owner on TTN v3?

On TTN v2 it was possible to find out who owns a gateway, and then contact that person.
This was nicely described in this post from 2017:

Now, with TTN v3, the community page with the map of local gateways, for example
just shows “Unknown owner” for every gateway, including my own gateways, where I’m sure I’ve filled the owner information and indicated it can be shown publicly.

Is this considered to be broken? Should I submit an issue to the lorawan stack on github?

Does anyone else know of a different way of finding out how to contact a gateway owner
(perhaps through ttnctl)?

Agree this is very frustrating and another victim/consequence of the V2 R.O. & gradual atrophy I suspect, along with no visibility on traffic tab, last seen info, up/down counts etc. - an unintended consequence? (Makes debugging troublesome nodes or gw’s still on V2 or where no V3 service available much harder), but back to key point, the maps and community resources are still evolving and playing catch-up with old V2 capabilities, though lack of a V3 NOC may mean some caabilities never get replaced?, and have been lower priority c/w core stack evolution I suspect. I have >1/2 dozen GW’s around various communities where I would like to contact the owners (to invite into the local communities or to ask to remove SCPF’s!) but have to wait as yet and like you havent found a way forward - the V2 NOC being taken out and with no V3 equivalent, any other routes I might have hacked my way through have now also closed. For some uses I have found a diversion via TTNMapper has helped but that doesnt work in this case as TTNMapper doesnt call out specific users in a form we can use. In some cases if the GW is still registered in V2 then a browser query of the form“InsertGWNameor EUIhere” may work e.g. a couple of mine - or, or (Note the latter GW was registered to V2 and has since been claimed/migrated to V3 but still picks up original V2 data (I think!) ). In each case the last bit of text in the JSON data (if your browser doesn’t unscramble and show well formatted - FFox does for me - is the user ID :slight_smile: Obviously this option doesnt work for V3 only GW’s i.e. ones with no prior V2 history (just checked a couple of mine and no useable data returned :frowning: )

Perhaps @laurens can update us on current/plans for the TTN Map and community pages and the evolution of this valuable community resource?

The maps on the website indeed don’t show gateway owners anymore. We plan to bring this functionality back, but until December that would be too complicated as the website would have to support both V2 and V3 databases and somehow figure out which gateways are or aren’t migrated to V3. After V2 shuts down in December, we’ll bring back the missing functionality, and hopefully add more interesting stats, leaderboards, etc.

Until then, gateway owner information is available from the V3 API, it’s just not (yet) very easy to access.

You can use the command-line interface as follows:

$ ttn-lw-cli gateways collaborators list [gateway-id]

This will print something like

  "ids": {
    "user_ids": {
      "user_id": "htdvisser"

We do want to bring this functionality to the web Console as well, but we’re a bit short on front-end developers. If you are or know a front-end developer who may be interested in working on our web Console (built with React), please point them to our open source repository on GitHub or to this front-end developer job at The Things Industries.


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