How to find the DevEUI on a RFM95


Now that I have the RFM95 working with a WeMos D1 Mini, I am trying find out the Dev EUI of the device. I understand that it is a 64bit address hard coded or programmed into each radio chip. Is that correct?

Using the lmic library, is there an easy way to display the address? I tried using the showStatus method in the TTN DeviceInfo example but it just hangs and does not display the Dev EUI.

Any pointers are greately appreciated.


As far as I know, there is no unique id in an RFM95.

There is however one in the ESP8266 (which is inside the Wemos D1 mini). You can access it as follows:
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The unique id is 4 bytes long. This id is also used to create the default ESP wifi MAC address by adding the ESP vendor id before it.

replying to myself:
It looks the unique id of an ESP8266 is actually only 3 bytes long, the one in my esp8266 has 0x00 as the first byte. This might still be unique enough for your use case.

Apparently the first few bytes of the MAC address are not always the same, so if you can somehow read the MAC address of the ESP8266 module, that would be the closest thing to a unique id.