Generating DevEUI in V3 Console still not possible

When adding a new device in the V3 Console it is currently not possible to generate a new DevEUI.

This is a known issue. Generating new DevEUI will be added in a new release.

(The DevEUI is actually not generated but will be issued from a valid range of DevEUI.)

The DevEUI is required for adding a new device to a V3 application.
Existing V2 devices will already have a DevEUI but many new (DIY) devices will not.

As workaround a temporary device can be created in the V2 console and then copy the DevEUI for use in V3. The temporary device can then be deleted.

Status update

:warning: New registrations on V2 will be disabled starting June 30, 2021.
This means that the workaround for creating DevEUI on V2 will no longer be available.

It currently is still not possible to generate a DevEUI in the V3 console.
A release date for when this will be available has not yet been announced.


Hello to everyone and sorry to create another post related to the devEUI topic…

From this post : Generating DevEUI in V3 Console still not possible, it is explained that it is not possible yet to generate a devEUI from TTN consolev3 (and the change is still open on Github, so still not solved), the following workaround was given that works fine so far :

Great, but on Wednesday (30.06.2021) the v2 console will be desactivated, so what other solution can be used after that day ?

Thank you very much for your help,

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I understand and share your concern.

When V2 goes read-only on July 1st it will no longer be possible to generate a DevEUI. Not in V2 and neither in (TTS CE) V3. The Things Industries are aware of this problem.

This feature should have been rolled out in the latest TTN CE V3 update but was postponed. A release date has not yet been given.

It should be possible to create a DevEUI with the CLI tool but I have not seen any examples of it yet. Most TTN users will depend on the console for this functionality.

@johan Can you tell when support for generating DevEUI in V3 console will be available for the TTN community?

As a new user with several Uno devices to add to TTN arriving tomorrow I find this whole v3 migration issue is a shambles.

You are pushing forward with moving to v3 without the v3 console being complete and migration ability being ‘available very shortly, next few hours’ and yet some aspects are not going to be complete like this DevEUI.

Given you have obviously not met your own timeline on finishing v3 why are you still pushing the 30 June deadline for making v2 read only when it provides your only solution to some issues. You are giving all your users absolutely last minute problems. Why not postpone that a week or so?

This comes across as very unprofessional and doesn’t inspire me with confidence.

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The ONLY thing outstanding is the The Things Indoor Gateway migration which, when I say is being actively worked on, I mean like multiple people inside & outside of TTI working on it right now. Even then the actual instructions are available in the documentation.

There is no reason for you to not be able to deploy your Uno devices to a v3 application and the migration tool has enable bulk movement of devices from v2 to v3 for a number of months.

I shall leave you to consider your own timing regarding taking shipment of devices intended for v2 at the cusp of a well publicised deadline.

OK - I had somehow assumed I couldn’t do that for the new Uno devices arriving tomorrow. It’s good to know I can register and activate them directly on v3.

Eh, not true.
See topic title

No, that’s a thing that would be very handy. But it’s NOT a showstopper.

Professional devices should come with a DevEUI, people can get DevEUI’s from various sources and there are many techniques on the forum for creating DevEUI’s.

Indeed if asked nicely, I can create a web page whilst watching the match that creates a random DevEUI.

Or I could sell some DevEUI’s if anyone wants a real one. I’ve about 200 in stock.

Problem solved:

You’re welcome!


Thank you so much !!!

You are a hero and just saved my day !!!

It’s good to have a workaround again (like earlier we could use the V2 console as workaround for the lack in V3) but the problem that support is still not available in the V3 console still exists and has yet to be implemented.

Good idea, but far from solving the problem.

I agree with @xAPPO, this whole transition is a shambles. ChirpStack is looking like a much better long term solution for those of us who don’t appreciate random and unpredictable changes.

Really? Given that devices should come with a DevEUI and obtaining an official EUI for use for an application (or join) isn’t an unreasonable expectation, I think it exactly solves the problem.

Do you expect TTI to pander to all of the foibles of the maker community or those who don’t want to move forward with the specifications as well as pay for it all?

Like all big projects, there have been a few unfortunate moments, but all the information was there since mid-2020 to plan and the core elements were working late January. I initially set up a spare gateway and some devices to learn stuff before I did a small scale migration and then increasingly larger ones. All the while trying to help people that have rushed in to blindly pushing buttons without any method.

I’ve not seen any substantive changes to what’s been available since end of January - I’ve seen bug fixes and I’ve seen additions - but the lack of automagically created DevEUI wasn’t there at the end of Jan so could have been planned for.

My code is a Javascript implementation of the forum post that I linked to. Before I made the web page I’d been using the C code I compiled in Xcode on my Mac and using it from the command line.

So, in the short to medium term, you’ll learn SysOps, pay for the hosting and lose the benefit of the TTN gateways?

Support for creating a DevEUI in the console has been added in a recent update of The Things Stack Community Edition (TTS CE).

A maximum of 50 DevEUIs can be created per application.

If you need more DevEUIs either use the link provided by @descartes above or check the following post in the DevEUI for non-hardware assigned values topic.

For commercial purposes (e.g. device manufacturers) it is advised to purchase your own range of official DevEUIs.

UI for generating a DevEUI in the console: