How to install a Waveshare SX1302 Hat on a Raspi as Gateway

I am trying to install a sx1302 has on a Raspi 3 using the Wavshare Wiki. When trying with the “./chip_id” command I get the following message:
CoreCell reset through GPIO23…
SX1261 reset through GPIO23…
CoreCell power enable through GPIO18…
CoreCell ADC reset through GPIO13…
Opening SPI communication interface
ERROR: failed to start the gateway
Here I don’t get any further, why the gateway can’t start at this point.

Regards Ralph (derabu1)

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7 times out of 10 this is incorrect concentrator reset - logic/timing issue requiring several tries for success or most often reset pin is not correctly mapped/connected…

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And the other 3 times SPI was not enabled using raspi-config.


Yep exactly!, actually 1st category was possibly 6.5 out if 10…the other 1 in 20 is overlap with SPI problem even if correctly enabled with some cards not supporting full speed/timing and needing clock rate to be dialed back! :rofl: the guilty card vendors know who they are… :wink:

Or enable I2C in the interface menu Raspi-config that solve my ERROR.


I2C?..or SPI?

The new sx1302 based concentrator cards require both SPI and I2C.


I been having the same issue on SX1302CSS915GW1 dev kit from Semtech. I’ve ensured SPI and I2C are enabled several times. Can confirm they exist in /dev. I’ve also remapped the GPIO pins in '" to match what it appears they should be based on the board schematic.

I can get most things to work via USB, but nothing seems to work with SPI.

Using USB (./chip_id -u -d /dev/ttyACM0), I get this:

        Opening USB communication interface
        INFO: Configuring TTY
        INFO: Flushing TTY
        INFO: Setting TTY in blocking mode
        INFO: Connect to MCU
        INFO: Concentrator MCU version is V01.00.00
        INFO: MCU status: sys_time:10826747 temperature:25.3oC
        Note: chip version is 0x10 (v1.0)
        INFO: using legacy timestamp
        ARB: dual demodulation disabled for all SF
        INFO: concentrator EUI: 0x00xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        Closing USB communication interface

Using SPI(./chip_id -d /dev/spidev0.0), I get this:

        CoreCell reset through GPIO4...
        SX1261 reset through GPIO3...
        CoreCell power enable through GPIO1...
        CoreCell ADC reset through GPIO24...
        Opening SPI communication interface
        Note: chip version is 0x00 (v0.0)
        ERROR: Failed to set SX1250_0 in STANDBY_RC mode
        ERROR: failed to setup radio 0
        ERROR: failed to start the gateway

Hi @mpittman ,
the Spectral Scan dev kit from Semtech has only USB support as they did not load the resistors for the SPI - PCI interface connection.

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Yes thanks. I finally figured that out after lots of head scratching. :grinning:

@mpittman What did you do to get it working ? I’m currently facing t
he same issue.

You have the same problem that the USB card only works over USB and the SPI card only over SPI?

@jreiss Below are the error logs I was talking about. What possibly could be the cause ? and how do I resolve it ?

CoreCell reset through GPIO23...
SX1261 reset through GPIO23...
CoreCell power enable through GPIO18...
CoreCell ADC reset through GPIO13...
Opening SPI communication interface
Note: chip version is 0x00 (v0.0)
ERROR: Failed to set SX1250_0 in STANDBY_RC mode
ERROR: failed to setup radio 0
ERROR: failed to start the gateway

Answer the question asked of you?

Or to put it another way, which model do you have?

It’s sx1302-hat-waveshare ( I have enabled both spi and i2c. I hope this answers your question.

D18 and D23 look to be correct and default in But D18 is not labeled in the pinout diagram. D22 isn’t shown either bit is for CN version.

Have you reached out to waveshare support?

In my case, the SPI bus is not physically connected on the dev board. So even though I was enabling it and configuring it correctly, the SPI pins were not connected (resistors not installed on board).

Your board is different but I would check the schematic if there is one.

I struggled with this for hours on end. Turns out I had to really push the concentrator really hard into the PCI slot on the HAT board, and then finally the scripts worked.

I found this in the Waveshare FAQ which lead me to try this (as well as being out of options)

“Considering the gold finger contact is poorly caused, please press down the tail and then access the test, so that the module and module good fit.”

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PS: I take no responsibility for anyone’s hardware, please be careful.

I have the same problem, did you manage to solve it?