How to Migrate Gateways from V2 to V3

I see your point, to be honest I think my reason for asking is that we need a announced timeline on TTIG because it impacts how we/I deal with the other gateways - I keep mine in pairs and TTIG are used as back up and for testing. If we have a plan for TTIG gateways then I can plan my other V2 gateway migrations knowing when the TTIG setup is going to do.

The Map thing is a good idea.

:+1: have done similar and agree on that - we do need a timeline, but even once ready we need to co-ordinate Community coverage support as if migrating both a TTIG and its pair then the V2 impact will be even greater! I’m thinking move main GW 1st then leave the TTIG as a V2 based back-up until ready to make full move…perhas that is a migration strategy? TTIG’s and things like say LPS8’s or equivalents are cheap enough that I may even flood deploy some in vulnerable areas to help with bigger GW’s migrated then pull the TIG’s/LPS8’s etc up to V3 later… If I find moving one of my bigger V2’s to V3 causes a problem for a specific user or small group in a location I can then also always loan a TTIG out as temporary band-aid :slight_smile:

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Help please! I am a new user. I have no V2 apps set up. Today I registered the TTN Indoor Gateway successfully on the site but not until later did I realise that that was on the v2 site and we are moving to v3.

I then registered the gateway successfully on v3 site but it showed ‘disconnected’ status. So I then deleted this gateway from the v2 site, leaving it on v3. I also re-booted the gateway. It still shows as disconnected. As a new user I am really struggling to find any clear and basic guidance I can follow.

Attached is a screenshot of my v3 settings. What do I need to do please (in basic terms please!)


Erm, no you didnt - TTIG not yet supported in V3 and needs to be set up and used in V2 1st! (Migration for this to be announced sometime later)

Well it comes down to RTFM - if a new user you really should have started by reading the available docs and using Forum Search, before diving in… where you would have found lots of posts covering above

and also covering…

Why you SHOULD NOT DO THAT (including the clear warning messages that tell you not to delete on the console, that you must have ignored!)

I see you joined last summer and have looked at many posts, albeit quickly given total reading time logged, so not quite a new user…had you not seen any relevant posts along the way?

At this point your best option, if now registed in V3 console, it to be patient and wait for the switch-on of TTIG V3 support at which point, hopefully your TTIG will automagically appear in the system or atleast should be recoverable…

In the meantime, though not available to you in the console it may well still be receiving and forwarding messages to the V2 back end and through Packet Broker to V3…do you have functional nodes & applications? If you do you may see traffic coming through if you leave it live (is green led on top on & stable?)…GW EUI will show in message metadata in V2 device/application console or an anonomised version if app in V3 coming through the PB…

Thanks for the reply. I consider myself a new user as, although I registered a while ago, I have done nothing with it, with no connected devices or gateways. I FEEL new!I did my best and what I thought right - I didnt just act blindly, I acted upon what I thought I was reading (the ‘before you begin’ section above even implies you can connect your gateway to v3 now, or wait. I found nothing saying the indoor gateway cant be connected to v3 now, although I obviously accept I might have missed that.) Also item 5 here (The Things Network upgrade to V3) also indicates it is OK to connect gateways to v3.

I am more confused now. At this address ( I have no gateways shown - this is what I assumed was the v2 location and where I created and then deleted the gateway, but only AFTER it was shown successfully at this address
(The Things Network Console) which I took to be the v3 site, where I can see my Gateway, but it is shown disconnected.

So, if I understand what you are saying and what I am seeing correctly, my gateway is in existence on TTN somewhere (V3 or not??) but is not going to be available now until V3 for Gateways goes live?? Do we know when that might be? Oh, and yes the green light is stable on the gateway, and as per my previous, I have no functional nodes and apps. All my LoRa work this far has been non-cloud based i.e. node to node. Thanks in advance for an further guidance.

Would not disagree to much on that :wink: Though we were all newbies once! (There is a massive undertaking underway through the forum mods to try and help people use and navigate through the forum and start-up process - simple guides and basic do’s and don’t, that will hopefully go live soon. (remember we are just volunteers and our time is limited!). We do expect that people will self help by
using search however (around 1 in 20 posts of late seem to say ‘use search’ or some varient of that! :wink: )

Your assessment is about right based on my view (on V3) - I think we are looking weeks/months vs qrtrs for go live and expect we will hear more through end of March on timescales.

I’m not going to ask which instructions you found that told you how to register the TTIG… :wink:

Sorry for your problems, I guess its now a waiting game (per previous message may still be useable for routing traffic - is it on? Stable Green Led? Seeing traffic routed to your (V2 or V3 apps?), if so you may still be getting the benefit!)

Update: Post just crossed with your 2nd edit where you flag green led on - thats a :+1: so best go get some nodes then :rofl: BTW can you post your GW EUID for ref please?

Thanks for your help. My Gateway has been set to ‘public’ and is showing on the map. Not sure where else I need to post my EUID but it is 58A0CBFFFE8029C5. Happy to post elsewhere if you can tell me where I need to do so. Also recognise the hard work of volunteers in creating documentation etc. Happy to offer myself as a novice proof-reader (to sense check for complete noobs) if that helps you at all?

Always a positive sign :slight_smile: I just looked in the NOC and can see details

timestamp “2021-03-01T14:20:44.988619045Z”
location {}
frequency_plan “EU_863_870”
platform “minihub - Firmware 2.0.0 - Protocol 2”
gps {}
time “1614608444988619045”

So likely you will find that any nodes in your proximity will happily find traffic routed through ok :slight_smile:

Thanks. I will need to create a node to test. Living in the wilds of beyond here! Appreciate the help.

Where is ‘here’ - could see no GPS c-ordinates set up in NOC? Is there a nearby community you can engage with?

How do I switch my TTN Indoor gateway ( official from TTN ) to be seen on the V3 network

I have added to the new stack but it keeps being seen on the V2 network

You don’t, it’s not ready.

Please use the forum search tools for more info or even read the thread above your post.

I tried to use the search, but didnt gave me much result about it. I followed the video that is on the migration page. I wonder why trying to push to v3 but not even updating the official gateway to be v3 then publish proper videos…

What keywords were you entering in the search?

the model of my indoor device, also used google search about ttn gateway and but nothing.
It must be clear to people before putting out these alerts.

Sorry, I literally meant, what actual words did you put in.

We can’t improve / tune the search if we don’t know what keywords to prioritise.

I have a question on the back of this post, which I used to perform a migration on my V2 gateway (RAK2247/Rpi combo) as I had only a handful of devices, and figured it was time before I got further down the road.

I now have the gateway showing in both consoles - though V2 has not shown as active since about the first week of use for the usual reason. There has been much comment (which I may have mis-read) about not deleting gateways from V2 until you’ve proved functionality over in V3 - which I believe I have done, with data showing from nodes despite having no applications set up. Is this sufficient to assume it’s functional in V3 and remove V2?

As a side note, it’s no longer showing in my community map - is this because it’s been “not seen” in V2 since its first day of operation because of the usual problem, or is it because it’s now in V3 and that’s a function not currently working in V3, or is it a 3rd problem where it’s not fully in V3 yet and deleting it from V2 would be a mistake :smiley: ?

Why do that? It’s permanent and it is doing no harm where it is.

Your gateway is feeding the v3 stack, so it has no impact on v2 at all.

The community map is still work in progress for v3.

Deleting it from v2 could potentially be the biggest mistake of your life.

Just don’t do it.

Perfect answer, thanks! I’ll leave it as-is.