How to migrate to things V3 now? Things version 2 gateway and devices are not visible

I have been using The things network for the last two years. Even though I heard about this migration from V2 to V3, I was not able to migrate my devices and gateway. I had a gateway and some devices registered in this account. now everything seems to have been vanished from my account. Is it still possible to get back the devices and gateway by any means or do I need to register and configure it all from the beginning?? It displays the message " You own 0 gateway".Looking forward for replies

Please check here:

Ok i can see my devices here. Can I also see my gateway and will I be able to start moving to V3 from this and not to begin from scratch?

Sorry to hijack this but i’m an idiot and thought that my gateway had been removed after checking in after a long time away(hobbiest). In my haste i re-added my gateway (rak831) to v3 console, without realizing it was actually still registered and working on v2. Since removing it from v3 console its also now showing as unknown in v2 for the past couple days… (i know i am a mess of a human being). Should i remove it from v2 and re-add it before migrating to v3?

Read the sticky at the top of the forum topic list.

Read the sticky at the top of the forum topic list.

NEVER delete a gateway from v2.

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